Ok, time to change things…

March 14, 2011

Hi there, you know I’ve been banging my head with the keyboard for the past months to find out how to recover the blog stuff, and apparently was still here… I’m not a computer geek and I can’t do much *shrugs*

Besides most of people should realize this is just an art case and if I update it is mostly when I can/ I want to,  and there is no schedule behind it.

Still I owe a lot to the people who donate thanks to it and I’m aware I’ve had issues with the manual system of getting stuff, they take forever, I know. So that’s why the Donation/Store section will have a major overhaul and it will be fully automatic ans whith a few clicks you’ll be able to donate and get the file you want immediately.

Since my email is a mess I encourage those still waiting to get a file to send me an email licantro(at)


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