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Getting back the Old Stuff.

Before bringing anything new I’m recovering my old stuff. So, there a few things I added:

To The Drawing Art : -Elf to werewolf (3 pics) and The pact (11 pics) were added (Both within the 2003-2005 set). Also added an old avatar of mine xp (2006-2008).

To Movies:

– Added “Downloable Videos”: Lobos (man to wolf) , Werewolf-Face and  Wolf Muzzle. 

To Comics: The last  “A wild Night” ( Pic 6)  and “Cambios” was added to within “Teen Fangs”.

 To STORE: Added “OLD Sketches – Females PACK” which includes most of my sketches done between 2001 and 2005 about werewolves girls.

-Added “OLD Sketches – Male PACK” which includes sketches between 2001 and 2003 with male werewolves.

-Added “Lobos” Man to Wolf (Mature+Extended  version) + OLD TF Videos –

-“Chimera Chick” and “A Real Bitch” are now US$2.-

If I have time probably next will I’ll start adding new stuff.


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