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“Penny’s Curse” NEW COMIC at the Store!

“Penny’s Curse” is the latest comic I’ve done…well “published” for digital purchase. It’s here!

Because this comic was actually finished back in October 2020 at my Patreon Gallery and only now is finally being posted! Reason? Well , many, but let’s just say I was really busy…and I kinda forgot? Yeah, it can happen.

This comic was a shared project with Cearenbow who commissioned it in the first place with her character Penny who has had at least another comic in the past. Cear was generous enough to give me full control and exclusivity to make this comic part of my line-up of digital comics. If you wanna know more about Cearenbow current works and projects, you can check his works at :

Wat is about? A female solo TF, from Woman into this amazing Were-beast vulpine creature. A Fox chimera-girl if you like. While Cear original comic here : happened when she was fairly young, mine is when she about 19 years old, thus the subtitle ┬ĘThe later years”. I really hope you like it as I put lot of effort into it, even if it’s a fairly short 7 page comic.

Note: Cover page is colored, its 7 pages are gray shaded.

In other news, I’ve been resuming works on my Patreon page and you should look forward! because probably around this time next month you’ll be seeing even another comic being added to the store, the long awaited “Rina’s Night!” –

For more info and news don’t forget to check my twitter at:

Until then!