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This website is a gallery focused on themes of werewolves and transformations. Some of the content has adult themes and due to its nature is only recommended for people that are 18 years or older (or the legal age to view adult content, depending on your country's laws) with a comprehensive and open mind.

If you're not an adult, please search for other werewolf art websites, such as my online comic Alpha Luna.

“Rina’s Night” will be Available this Wednesday, October 20!

“Rina’s Night” is my latest werewolf-TF adult comic that was until now only exclusive for my patreon.
Within 3 days from now, the next 20 of October it will be available for purchase! at

“Rina’s Night” is a fully colored comic, 35 pages featuring a Woman becoming a Feral Wolf under the embrace of the full-moon while she encounters a male werewolf unknown to her named Cynfall.

For those who may remember my old works, “Rina’s night” is a sequel to an old short comic that I did when I was much younger named “The Gift” that you can found at the bottom of the next link here: as well as the early first few pages of Rina’s Night, which started back in 2009 and was only resumed in 2016 by demand of my readers. So it’s sort of a miracle this comic is finally “finished”, it’s been a ride!

So in any case thanks for your interest and for those who decide to purchase it, thanks again in advance!