“Rina’s Night” (Digital Comic)

October 20, 2021


Werewolf Transformation Comic from Woman to Feral Sentient Wolf, sexual act F&M.




“Rina’s Night” follows Rina’s story, a werewolf girl still trying to cope with her own nature as she dives into the woods on a fateful night, where she awaits the inevitable transformation as the Full-Moon looms over. While trying to be alone by herself and avoiding her werewolf sister’s gaze, she hides in the woods as she embraces her Wild side just to be face to face with a wanderer lone wolf which will complicate things further.

For those who may remember my old works, “Rina’s night” is a sequel to an old short comic that I did when I was much younger named “The Gift” that you can find at the bottom of the next link here: as well as the early first few pages of Rina’s Night, which started back in 2009 and was only resumed in 2016 by demand of my readers. So it’s sort of a miracle this comic, in 2021 is finally “finished”, it’s been a ride!

Type of Comic : Transformation from Woman to Feral Sentient Wolf, sexual acts F&M.

ZIP Includes:

–  35 Fully Colored Pages + 2 Color Covers variants
–  A Companion Story, 34 pages, “The Hunt” which follows the Story of the “Red Wolf” before the events of “Rina’s Night”
–  80+ Bonus Images which include: Line Art Versions, Sketches, Old Concept Designs, and a selection of colored non-lettered pages.

-Also included “The Gift”, 12 HQ pages of the original 2003 prequel comic.

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**Also is not Recommended to download the ZIP file through Mobile devices because of the Huge Size of the File. (507 mb) And the tool needed to open : Winzip or Winrar.

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